At-Home Week Begins with Regency Star, Alexandra Hawkins

Gaelen: Alexandra, I cannot wait to read this book. This series has been flying by and earning rave reviews. Now, most people don’t know this, but you were the first friend I ever made in the romance world back in the day, when we were both unpublished and gazing at all those “goddesses” (the published authors at the Georgia Romance Writers conference) and going, “Wowwww, do you think that could ever be us??” And generally laughing at what seemed like a pie-in-the-sky goal back then, but hey, ya work hard enough and throw in a little luck, and have good friends to help you keep your sanity along the way, and you never know what you can accomplish, right??

So, because I’ve known Mz. Hawkins for QUITE some time, I know a thing or two about her that doesn’t show up in her bio. Such as: Alexandra Hawkins is a woman of many talents, most of them in a creative direction. For example, she is a FABULOUS cook. Not that you’ll ever hear her brag. But Oh. My. God. I have seen birthday cakes she has made for her kids over the years that look like they should be on the Food Channel. She is also a talented artist/painter, with a green thumb, who was a serious trained dancer in high-school, and is one of the most disciplined writers in the field. Even better, she is one of those No Excuses people who never whined about not having the time to write, boo hoo hoo, but stayed up til 3 in the bloody morning after putting her kids to bed when they were younger in order to MAKE the time to write. For crying out loud, woman, is there anything you can’t do?? LOL

Alexandra: Oh stop—You’re going to have me blushing like one of my heroines! I’ll admit that I have a strong creative drive and have a tendency to hold nothing back when I take on a project. LOL, and those cakes were incredible!

How long has it been since that first GRW conference? Eighteen years? Back then, the notion of becoming a published author did seem like pie-in-the-sky. I had just moved from Illinois to Georgia with my husband and eighteen-month-old daughter and the conference was another sign that I was committed to writing a romance novel. How lucky that I had a future NYT’s bestselling author practically living across the street from me!

Oh, and for the record, I might have been disciplined, but I was moving at a turtle’s pace. Gael wrote her first manuscript and was sending out query letters long before I finished mine. When she sold her first book, her phenomenal success gave me hope that I might become a published author one day. I’d break out into a rendition of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings” but that song always makes me cry. You know I love you!

Gaelen: Awww! Well, I could rave on about how much I love this gal (and her books!) but what else should our Ballroomies know about you?

Alexandra: I live in northern Georgia with my husband and three teenagers. Hmm . . . One of my goals is to master Photoshop. I like to create my own promo materials so when I’m not working on a manuscript, I’m playing with art software. Historicals are my first love, but I could see myself writing a paranormal or fantasy. World building sounds like my kind of fun.

Gaelen: No wonder you’re so good at it! I can totally see you doing that, btw. And how long have you been writing, my dear?

Alexandra: Since I was a child. I’ve always loved creating short stories and poems. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I considered writing a novel.

Gaelen: When did you first discover romance novels?

Alexandra: My senior year in high school. A friend brought her sister’s romances novels to school and I was hooked. Traditional Regencies were my favorite.

Gaelen: You really have a knack for tapping into the classic Regency vibe that is getting rarer these days. You’ve always been accurate about the language and the clothing, in particular, and I always notice, reading you, that your other creative outlets must get channeled into your writing, like the very specific, artist-eye details with which you nuance your descriptions. It’s very cool. So, what inspired you to create the Lords of Vice?

Alexandra: The idea for the series originated from the seven deadly sins. While I was working on the proposal, I switched from sins to vices, but kept the number seven. I’m having a blast writing stories for my Regency bad boys!

Gaelen: And it shows!! So, what’s next for you?

Alexandra: Saint’s book is scheduled to be released this summer.

Gaelen: Awesome! Everybody, I have super news…Alexandra is going to be giving away three autographed copies of her Lord of Vice books. Yaaaayyy!! So, leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the computer-randomizer drawing.

In the meanwhile, I just wanted to say that along with your bad boys (which I know we are always happy to discuss at length. cough cough, pun intended – woot!) I love the matchmaking angle in this book. Matchmaking is alive and well these days, not so much from meddling mammas, but matchmaker websites! (OK, fess up, has anyone here ever tried one of those? Details, people. What did you think?)

If not, have you ever played matchmaker, or benefited from an introduction by someone else who was matchmaking for you? (Whether you liked it or not! LOL.) The Ballroom loves “deliciously juicy gossip” so come on, spill, spill, your matchmaking stories!!

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