Parlor Games: Regency Word-Libs with Manda Collins

Tessa: I’ve invited a new friend to the ballroom today! Lady B, may I introduce Miss Manda Collins, yet another authoress of colonial extraction. Manda and I were talking about how we haven’t played parlor games in ages, and Manda is so very clever. She suggested… Well, you tell them, Manda.

Manda: Thank you so much for introducing me to your charming coterie, Tessa! I vow I haven’t seen a more lively crowd since the tiger got loose at Sally Jersey’s circus-themed rout! What I have in mind is much tamer, but no less amusing. It’s a word game called MadLibs.

Lady B: More madness in my ballroom? I should have known, coming from you, Miss Dare.

Tessa: (aside) Actually, these aren’t really Mad-Libs. Because Mad-Libs are a trademark. So these are Word Libs from (clears throat) Manda, can you explain to Lady B just how this new parlor game works?

Manda: Well, you take a passage of prose and remove the nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then you make a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives. And place them in the slots left blank in the passage of prose. And the new ones render the paragraphs…that is to say…

Lady B: I may require an example.

Manda: Excellent idea. Here’s a very simple one, from the teaser for Miss Ashe’s first installment in her Falcon Club series.

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When a _____ Loves a Lady

Tessa, giggling: Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to see all our guests’ variations! Here was my result:

A Melon fleeing society, a Sparkly lord bent on seduction, and a Fantastical little village covered in Fudge.

What could be more Mawkishly scandalous?

Manda: I love it! Are you getting the idea now, Lady B?

Lady B: I believe so. But I think a more thorough sample may be in order.

Tessa: Manda, why don’t we use the blurb from your debut, How to Dance with a Duke?

Lady B: Oh! This is excessively diverting. Miss Dare, I agree. Miss Collins is clever indeed.

Tessa: The best part is–more ratafia you drink, the better it gets. Let’s have one more, Manda! Perhaps we can set Miss MacLean in our sights.

Tessa: Manda, thank you so much for coming by today and bringing us such an entertaining diversion! I can’t wait for How to Dance with a Petri Dish, er Duke to hit the shelves!

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